Monday, November 27, 2006

No Holiday Felgercarb Here

"Felgercarb," as I knew back when I was a sci-fi nerd, was the ridiculous invented profanity used in the old (and to my mind, the only true) version of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Used here, it is meant to indicate that I have no intention of stopping down my incisive cultural commentary or whatever it is I do here in order to bore everybody by expostulating on What I Am Thankful For or What Christmas Means to Me or any other such thing. Holiday season is an excuse to get unbearably hokey for a lot of folks. Not moi. I plan to be as rude and as plain spoken as ever for the next few weeks and beyond.


Blogger Jenny said...

well dear that sounds peachy.. i look forward to you romancing the stone and all that ...

10:41 AM  

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