Monday, September 11, 2006

So... The Clinton People Are Bitchin'...

And I don't mean "bitchin'" in the surfer parlance, where it means the same thing as "really great." For one thing, I'm not a surfer dude, and I don't use surfer dude expressions. For another thing, I don't like that scuz Prez Clinton or his vile cronies, so I wouldn't use any word synonymous with "great" to desribe them.

No, I just mean that they're bitchin', as in complaining, about the new ABC 9-11 docudrama, which they say treats them unfairly. They say that it doesn't tell the truth. Well gee whiz, ain't payback a bitch? Make a habit of treating the truth with contempt, and see if it doesn't come back to bite you eventually.

This is how I hope the conversation between President Gropefondlerape and the ABC representatives went:

Clinton: But this stuff in your movie, it isn't true!
ABC: That depends on what your definition of "isn't" is, Mr. President.

That said, I really have no dog in this fight, if the fight is between the Clinton presidency's foreign policy and the Bush presidency's foreign policy. I don't know if the Clinton people are actually telling the truth (though it's hard to imagine, given the source) when they say the movie is unfairly biased against them. Obviously, Bush is a far more palatable person than Clinton, but I'm not sure he's been that much better of a president.

Clinton-hatred is highly understandable, but it ought not get one sidetracked. We should recognize that our culture is the real villain; the fact that a man like Clinton got easily elected-- twice-- points the finger at us, not him. No one forced him on us, and he didn't even force himselves on us (which is more than a lot of women can say). We chose him.

Looked at this way, it's almost easier to see the events of 9/11/01 as a kind of divine retribution, or at least a very forceful sort of divine chiding. No, I'm not saying that the people who died that day, or who lost loved ones, deserved what they got. But I'm not sure, in a deeper sense, that our country didn't deserve what it got. Too bad, five years later, that we don't seem to have learned our lesson.


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