Thursday, August 24, 2006

Overheard on Talk Radio, Part Deux

In my latest piece at THE LAST DITCH (see link below), I criticized Rush Limbaugh for cheering on the notion of deliberately bombing civilians in order to to win a war. I know Rush claims to be pro-life, so I took him to task, not only for the repugnacy of his views re: war, but for his inconsistency. How can you say it's okay to slaughter the innocent in some circumstances, but not in others?

Well, based on what I heard yesterday, I'm now not so sure Rush is even pro-life. So I guess he might be off the hook on the inconsistency charge. He might just be consistently morally repugnant.

Rush was talking about this new article making the rounds in a lot of places, regarding the so-called "fertility gap" between conservatives and liberals in America. Apparently conservatives are prone to having larger families, and thus propagating their views to more future citizens. Liberals, on the other hand, tend to have fewer children (as is usually the case with more secular-oreinted folk, and liberals do tend to be more secular in their beliefs than conservatives), thus the future of the propagation of their ideology is in doubt. (They needn't worry, of course; as long as they control the academy, the media, and the courts, they'll be able to enforce their preferences and stigmatize their enemies as racists, sexists, and homophobes, et al)

Interesting article, and a very real phenomeon, no doubt. Then Rush pointed out that the liberals are probably also having more abortions than conservatives, which doesn't help their overall fertility. Decent point, and reasonable hypothesis, considering liberals are more likely to subscribe to the apalling notiong that killing a child is A-okay, provided the child hasn't emerged from the birth canal yet.

Then Rush started having some fun, and things turned ghastly.
"Liberals are aborting themselves out of existence. Abortion is almost their birthright," he said. This was a chilling turn of phrase, and if he'd stated it in a sober tone that drew attention to both the irony and the tragedy of the situation, all would have been well. But this didn't happen. In fact, after making this statement, Rush began to chuckle uncontrollably. He didn't just find this state of affairs bitterly ironic; he found it funny. If you want a good laugh, apparently nothing beats the merciless destruction of babies, provided their mothers are blue-state liberals.

It got worse.
"Liberals are aborting themselves out of existence, " Rush repeated. "So maybe we conservatives shouldn't oppose abortion so much."

Yes, he was probably being tounge-in-cheek. And I'm not the reflexively-offended type. I understand the appeal of self-consciously tasteless humor.

But forgive me if I observe that the sort of person who properly understands abortion as one of the greatest evils of our time wouldn't make a joke about how it's a good thing for babies to be murdered today, provided that this means fewer Democrat voters 18 years from now. Forgive me if I surmise that Rush probably doesn't care that much about unborn children, except as a wedge issue to get out the red-state vote.


Blogger pacotelic said...

Though I cannot give this post the careful reading it needs right now, Hello.

10:48 PM  
Blogger John Lowell said...

I turned off Rush Limbaugh years ago. Have never regreted it.

12:31 PM  

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