Friday, August 18, 2006

About the Name

Hundreds, if not thousands of my loyal readers have approached me at the gym, on the street, at work and at home, all to ask me the question(s), "What's it all about, Nowicki? Why have you named your blogsite 'Dyspeptic Myopic'? What does it mean?"

Then, of course, they ask for my autograph, which I generously provide, free of charge. (Unlike home run champion Hank Aaron, who makes people pay for his mighty signature, or did at least back in 1989, when he came to my high school and spent the morning pontificating about his greatness as a baseball player and a human being before haughtily refusing to sign a fellow classmate's copy of THE SCARLET LETTER as we stood in line to shake his hand as part of a phony and contrived display of generosity on the part of Hank's handlers following his pompous speech.) The brainy, buxom women who make up my fan base are all crushed to learn that I am indeed happily married, just as I have written in my profile. I tell them to keep their heads held high, not to give up, that there's someone out there just right for them who's got at least half of my wit, charm, and winning personality, if not my good looks. But I digress. In fact, I've digressed a couple of times, but who's counting? Indeed, who's reading?

Actually, no one has asked about the name of this site, except my wife, and to be honest she didn't seem all THAT interested. Nevertheless, here's what it's all about:

"Dyspeptic" means something like "disgruntled." Dyspepsia is a condition that is characterized by a chronically upset stomach. A dyspeptic personality is someone who is cynical, suspicious, misanthropic.

"Myopic" is a condition of the eye-- I think it means something similar to "shortsighted," only more extreme. A myopic person is someone who gets too caught up in himself and his own struggles to see the much vaunted "big picture."

As a card-carrying pessimist, I have often observed that optimists become angry when their sunny expectations of life and the future are challenged. Hell hath no fury like an optimist scorned. If you are a pessimist, there must be something wrong with you, they assert. They assign you certain epithets, and in so doing declare that you needn't be taken seriously. "Dyspeptic" and "myopic" are two such epithets.

Well, there COULD be something wrong with me. My thoroughgoing pessimism about life, the future, civilization, humanity, and so forth could well be an outgrowth of my own inner problems. I might just be "projecting" my own demons on the world around me. I'm open to that possibility.

Then again, it MIGHT just be that I have a point, that my gloomy outlook isn't so much pessimistic as it is realistic. And it might be that you insufferable optimists out there-- who like to dismiss us unreconstructed pessimists as buffoonish curmudgeons-- are actually the ones who have deep-seated personal issues.

Then again, it could well be that everyone is f#cked up, and no one knows what the f*ck they're talking about. In which case, conversation is useless, and we should all just die. Even I am not willing to go that far.

No, I plan to continue to hold up my end of the conversation, out of some kind of faith that conversation is useful, and that through conversation, we can get somewhere better.

Thus, I write on, embracing the very dismissive appellations given to me by my enemies, and indeed using them as a rallying cry. Dyspeptic Myopic forever!!!


Blogger andyswife said...

i rally you onward daddy... go daddy!!, but would it kill you to be a little less doom and gloom -mee

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