Thursday, February 20, 2014

BEAUTY AND THE LEAST now available for immediate purchase!

My new novella, BEAUTY AND THE LEAST, is now available for purchase!



Also, please see (and bookmark) the site of Hopeless Books, the sweet and scrappy publishing outfit bringing you this latest Nowicki offering.

Finally, here is my Youtube promo piece, featuring me reading of select passages from BEAUTY AND THE LEAST (I know I'll get roundly mocked for this, but I'm man enough to suffer through your jeering and scorn, you bullying bastards!):

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

COMING SOON: Andy Nowicki's BEAUTY AND THE LEAST from Ann Sterzinger's Hopeless Books

I am delighted to announce that my new novella, entitled BEAUTY AND THE LEAST, will soon be published by Hopeless Books, the imprint of my friend and fellow author Ann Sterzinger.
Synopsis as follows:

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As most of y'all probably know by now, I published a new book with Counter-Currents back in November called LOST VIOLENT SOULS. The work consists of five thematically-linked short stories.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Youtube promos for HEART KILLER

My new novel, HEART KILLER-- an erotic, time-tripping crime thriller about sex, murder, revenge, and redemption), has been released as an e-book. (See entry below for a longer description of said book.) HEART KILLER can be purchased directly from the publisher ( or from Amazon ( )

Being the Youtube manwhore that I am, I have posted four promos in which I discuss different facets of  HEART KILLER:
1) The Sales Pitch:
2) The Inspiration:
3) Sex As a Weapon:
4) The Franz Ferdinand Fuck:

Also, be sure to check out my intense, half-naked Youtube promo for my 2011 novel, THE COLUMBINE PILGRIM:

Thursday, November 08, 2012

HEART KILLER by Andy Nowicki, available from ER Books!

My newest novel, HEART KILLER, published by ER Books ( is now available for purchase as an e-book! It will in short time also be available from Amazon Kindle.

HEART KILLER, in brief, is about Johann Salvadorus, a high school geek, outcast, and virginal romantic loser who in adulthood becomes a spiteful, savage and remorseless Don Juan-esque serial seducer, bent on obtaining payback for prior humilations and cruelties suffered at the hands of the (un)fairer sex.

When Johann travels back in time and lures haughty homecoming queen and cheerleader Mary Wasteborn--the object of his adolescent lusts-- into forbidden carnal entanglements, he instigates a chain of events which alters the course of history.

HEART KILLER, an erotic time-tripping crime thriller by Andy Nowicki, author of THE COLUMBINE PILGRIM.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

my latest interviews n' stuff

With the release of my new book UNDER THE NIHIL (see below) following up my earlier collection of short stories, THE DOCTOR AND THE HERETIC (see further below), I've embarked upon a bona fide media blitz! Here are a few golden (or at least silver, or copper) nuggets for your perusal:

My interviews at Reason Radio Network:

My interview with Micheal Kleen, publisher-in-chief of Black Oak, regarding my edgy romance novella: and

Mike O'Meara's excellent review of UNDER THE NIHIL:

A transcript of my interview with Counter-Currents, detailing my disgust with the grusome Zeitgeist and my promiscuous intercourse with the lascivious Muses:

Finally, don't forget these oldies but goodies:

Sexy Youtube promo for THE COLUMBINE PILGRIM:

Writeup/overview of my first novel, CONSIDERING SUICIDE:

More to come.... Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

my new book for 2012: UNDER THE NIHIL

What if you could take a pill that removed all of your inhibitions, including your fear of death?

Would you become enlightened, or would you lose your mind?

UNDER THE NIHIL by Andy Nowicki, published by Counter-Currents, is now available....

To read a longer writeup/description of the book:

To read an excerpt:

To order via Amazon, in paperback, hardcover, or on Kindle:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Doctor and the Heretic and Other Stories

I am pleased to announce that I've published a collection of shorter stories with Black Oak Media, Mike Kleen's fledgling company out of Illinois... THE DOCTOR AND THE HERETIC is my third published book.

For an excllent analysis and review of this collection, see

To read an interview with yours truly, in which I pontificate mightily on the worth and value of this provocative set of stories, see

Finally, to purchase THE DOCTOR AND THE HERETIC, see the range of options (including Nook and Kindle) here: